Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Castillo de Canena Named Best in International Achievement

Castillo de Canena accepts their Spanish Food Award

It seems to be a well-kept secret that the best olive oil in the world comes from Spain. However, here at Culinary Collective we have the opportunity to taste some of the best Spanish olive oil on the international market today, confirming sip after sip that no other oils can compare in their complexity. We pick producers who not only cultivate a superior product, but who also run their businesses in a way that cultivates a larger idea – that of elevating the standards within their industry. Castillo de Canena is one of those companies, and they have just been awarded the Premio Alimentos de España por la Internacionalización  (Spanish Food Award for Best in International Achievement).   

Castillo de Canena "First Day" Arbequina and Picual Olive Oils

This award is given in recognition of a company that excels in producing, supplying and promoting quality food products among consumers overseas. We have been importing Castillo de Canena for quite a few years, and have come to know the Vaño family, after whose own family castle in Canena the company was named. We have seen first-hand their commitment to growing a business with ecological and financial sustainability while producing the highest quality product. Owner Rosa Vaño confirms this triad of values when she says,

“The oil market is increasingly competitive. Nevertheless, at Castillo de Canena we work tirelessly to be one of the world’s best oils in terms of quality, innovation and respect for the environment.”

The Vaño family takes their commitments seriously. For environmental efficiency, they use solar panels, strategic planting to avoid soil erosion and recycle biomass for fuel. They also aim for dexterity within their business model by formulating well-structured export strategies with a careful selection of target countries for export.

These are the values that keep the Castillo de Canena flowing into our warehouses year after year. Their arbequina and picual varieties are finally becoming well known in the US as some of the best Spanish oils on the market today. Congratulations to Castillo de Canena and the Vaño family, we have a feeling this award won’t be the last!