Thursday, August 8, 2013

Support the Farm Campaign for Olivar de la Luna

“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” - Anna Lappe

It’s no secret that we’re interested in where our food comes from. We scout out small producers from all over Spain, visit their farms and learn their stories. We understand that food is an expression of unique people and place. We love carrying products that not only come from magical places, but taste magical too. 

Sometimes we become so touched by the story and the people behind a product that we’re moved to help when times get tough. We’ve launched a “Support the Farm” campaign to help our friends at Olivar de la Luna buy back their land, taken by the bank during the recent tough economic climate in Europe.  Our founder Betsy Power first met the family behind her beloved olive oil, Olivar de la Luna, back in 2007 and was wooed by the gutsy, independent Spanish couple bent on turning an aging family farm into a sustainable enterprise. Read the story here, Touched By The Moon. 

Olivar’s owners Jesús and Tránsito have been working on the farm for over 30 years in the Sierra de la Luna, producing rich olive oil from their rare nevadillo blanco olives. When the economic crisis hit Europe, it hit Spain especially hard and demand for their precious oil plummeted. Jesús and Tránsito continue to work the land, but the family farm now has an uncertain future.

We couldn’t imagine not stepping up to support this farm and this incredible oil. If you haven’t yet tried Olivar’s golden, full-bodied olive oil, you’re in for a treat. The olives are picked at the perfect time to capture a peppery acidity that leaves a bite in that back of your throat. Gutsy, just like the people who make it.

Beginning in 2013, we at Matiz decided to give all profits from the sale of this oil right back to Jesús and Tránsito at Olivar. The profits will help them eventually buy back their land, keeping Olivar’s future secure. Maybe someday their now teenage son will have the option of inheriting this land and continuing the family tradition.

Can you recommend a store in your area to carry Olivar de la Luna oil? Please let us know here. You can also buy online from La Tienda.