Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Oh! in Olivada

by betsy

Since the first shipment of Olivada several years ago, this product has been by and far my favorite snack food. Donna has to guard the pallet in the warehouse whenever I walk by. I have even hooked friends and family - a jar or two is now required payment when visiting the parents or siblings!

With the addition of two new flavor - Hot and Sweet - my addiction has gone a bit overboard. I literally eat olivada for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner! Being a gluten-free eater (can you imagine a food importer being allergic to bread? I tell you, it's heartbreaking!), this tasty spread is a life-saver.

Here are a few of my favorite concoctions:
  • My absolute favorite pairing is sweet olivada with almond butter (its also heavenly with cashew butter or any other nut butters). Lather it all over toast (toasted millet bread for you gluten-free folks). Half the time I just spoon the two together right from the jars. It's the new peanut butter and jelly!
  • Sweet Olivada is also scrumptious mixed into yoghurt, on crepes, over pancakes, on vanilla ice-cream, or even as a dip for fresh local strawberries.
  • The traditional and hot olivadas are interchangeable - the hot just adds a little kick. Two of my favorite savory combos are olivada with goat cheese, and olivada with avocado. These combos are great on crackers, toast and sandwiches, (rice cakes for GF), and in salad.
  • The savory olivadas also make a great crust on fish, especially halibut.
I encourage you to experiment with our olivadas and send me your recipes. I think you will will agree that this spread is essential to happy taste buds.